Pale Ale

Our American Pale combines a smooth, six-grain body with tropical US hops to give a refreshing & bitter flavour.

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Double dry hopped with Cascade & Amarillo to give a bold citrus flavour. Six grains combine to give a smooth, full body.

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Crisp, refreshing & full of flavour. An original pilsner brewed to give you everything you want from a lager. And more.

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Maximum Flavour

Double dry-hooped for full taste

Not too sweet, thin or fizzy

Six different malts give a complex,
full-bodied beer

36 calories

75% less than a "regular-strength" beer

Made in the UK

Brewed in small batches

Craft brewed to perfection

<0.5% ABV

No more hangovers.


There’s more to beer than ABV and more to drinking than downing units.
At Infinite Session, we focus on what matters: full flavour, big body and great times.

If you want thin, watery and weak, look away now.  Our beers are crafted to deliver exactly what it says on the tin: crisp lager, hoppy pale ale and intense IPA. 
No more, no less.


"Satisfyingly rich, smooth and rounded, with appealing notes of apricot and mango. And only 36 calories a bottle"

Fiona Beckett, The Guardian

"“The best alcohol-free beer I have ever tried. We threw our Heineken Zero Amazon Dash button in the bin.
True story."

Amazon Customer

"The mouthfeel is almost perfect, with good body and tight bubbles that tingle on the tongue to bring out the flavours"
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